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Missionaries of the Real Presence

Your gift helps us to build up the presence of the Catholic Church in areas that few know the truth of Catholicism and few venture to share the good news with.

See some of the ways you may support our mission below or click button to give to general fund

fund our programs
General Fund

The Missionaries are engaged in many areas to bring the Catholic faith to Milwaukee's Northside. Each of our ministries has cost to run and we depend on your support to make it happen. Some of our ministries include, daily community meal, neighborhood evangelization, liturgies, hospitality center, teaching catechism and more. We cannot run these ministries without your support.

help us maintain our building
Missionary living

The missionaries must pay rent at St Anthony's in order to live at the rectory. This is the largest part of our budget at $6000 per year per missionary. 

Help us form missionaries
Missionary Formation

Donate to support the formation of the missionaries. We need your help to form our missionaries to work for the salvation of souls here with Milwaukee's poor. We currently are unable to enroll in classes due to our limited resources and your donation can help with this. Your donation can allow our missionaries to take classes at the seminary or other institution, have professionals come in to teach the missionaries needed skills and provide for the needs of the missionaries.

help support our neighbors
Charity Fund

The Charity Fund allows the missionaries to help those in our neighborhood with needs that may arise and are in need financial help. The missionaries can use these funds to assist those in need.​

We established this fund after two of our regular volunteers from the neighborhood shared with us that their power got shut off. These two men have helped us almost daily with food prep so others can eat. We would like to be able to help others like them as well as those who need help with transportation, household needs, children needs, homeless prevention. 

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