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Missionaries of the Real Presence

Updates and Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 12 Missionaries will be at the inheritance conference: change in public prayer times- Rosary Canceled, Mass moved to 7:30 am, Daytime prayer canceled, Evening Prayer Canceled

The missionaries are having a come & See weekend November 18-20. We invite young men to join us for a weekend of Prayer, discernment, mission work and community life

Feast Day Celebrations

Find out more about our upcoming feast day celebrations

Support The Mission

Help our missionaries focus entirely on the mission with your support. Each missionary is able to devote themselves entirely to living out the gospel call to evangelize because of supporters like you.

Missionaries in Prayer_edited.jpg

Find out about our prayer times that are open to the public at St Catherine's Catholic Church


Do you have a gift or talent that you would like to share with those in need? Find out how you can use your gifts to bring the love of Christ to others.

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