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Missionaries of the Real Presence

"Communion leads to mission, and mission itself to communion" Pope St John Paul II


We seek to carry out the saving mission of the Catholic Church by building up local parishes in highly non-Catholic areas. We live a life of prayer and community as Catholic men seeking to follow Christ. Our communal life of prayer and common goal of salvation enables us to witness a genuine Christian life to our neighbors as we open the doors of our hearts and our home to reach out to them and invite them to participate in the life of our community and the life of the Church.

Support The Mission

Help our missionaries focus entirely on the mission with your support. Each missionary is able to devote themselves entirely to living out the gospel call to evangelize because of supporters like you.

Become a Missionary

Join our community of men taking up the call to live out the gospel as contemplative missionaries to the inner-city of Milwaukee. 


Do you have a gift or talent that you would like to share with those in need? Find out how you can use your gifts to bring the love of Christ to others.

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