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Missionaries of the Real Presence

The harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few. Have you discerned if God is calling you to give your life laboring for the Lord? The Missionaries of the Real Presence are engaged in street evangelization, door to door ministry, home visits, teaching the faith to the ignorant and welcoming the poor into the church and most importantly a life of prayer and seeking union with Christ.

There are more people wanting to become Catholic than we have missionaries to meet them, invite them in and teach them the faith. Will you assist us in our mission of salvation of souls with Milwaukee's poor and neglected?

Learn more about life as a missionary below!


Learn more about prayer, discerning your vocation, missionary life and further reading about religious vocations

Our Spirituality
Missionary Spirituality

Find out about what it means to be a contemplative missionary for Urban Evangelization and our way of life.

Meet the Missionaries

Get to know some of our current missionaries and their vocation stories. We currently are a community of three missionaries and open for more men who feel the call.

Come & See

Come meet the Missionaries of the Real Presence!
If you are discerning your vocation, this would be the best way to get to know us. Take part in our prayer life, meet the missionaries, join us for missionary work, learn more about our community life and discover our charism. 

Observership Program

An observer is able to become fully immersed in our way of life without the obligations or expectations of a fully committed brother.

Missionary Schedule

Want to see what the typical daily schedule of a missionary looks like? We have a life of prayer, formation, community life and mission.

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